Shared VPN
$15.00 /month
  • Protocol
    OpenVPN, L2TP
  • Connection
    up to 3 devices
  • Subscription
    from 1 week
  • Locations
    40 +
Dedicated VPN
year of subscription (15% discount)
$10.00 /month
  • Protocol
    Wireguard, OpenVPN
  • Connection
    on a private line
  • Routing
    up to 6x
  • Support
    Tails, Whonix
Remote Desktop
$18.00 /month
  • Protection against
  • Masking
    over VPN, TOR, i2P
  • Support
    virtual machines
  • Support
    Tails, Whonix

Protection of personal data and hiding activity

From your ISP, government regulatory agencies and security services.

Load Balancing
100% Anonymity
Our service guarantees complete anonymity for your activity on the Internet, using only modern technologies and equipment
Maximum safety
All transmitted information will be encrypted with a reliable key and hidden from third parties, it will become impossible to intercept and decrypt your traffic
Uncensored Internet access
Our service supports the international human right to anonymity on the Internet and free access to information without restrictions
Safe Browsing

Professional service

A virtual private network or VPN is a modern technology whose task is to encrypt Internet traffic, ensure anonymity and protect user data on the network. Through the technology, you can visit various web sites, get access to programs, use the capabilities of entertainment sites, regardless of the country in which the service operates. VPN.SN is a service that provides an encrypted tunnel for users' online traffic. Using the functionality of the product, no one will be able to use the confidential information that the user has. VPN.SN is one of the best services that has already gained a positive reputation among a wide audience - thousands of clients use our services! Our tools help you use public networks, use the personal accounts of various portals without risking important information, including your browser history.

Advantages of use

With VPN.SN servers, you can count on: • High speed of page loading and file transfer; • Lack of logs; • Unlimited bandwidth; • Support for most mobile and computer devices; • Technical support provided by the experienced VPN.SN team. The service offers a support service for the anonymous TOR and i2P networks. In just a second, you can send traffic to an anonymous network by gaining access to Onion sites. Here you can buy VPN Tor I2P Tails Whonix package for full traffic automation. DoubleVPN, TripleVPN, QuadroVPN - options that allow you to encrypt traffic two, three or four times - it is impossible to bypass such encryption. Often, when a user uses a dedicated anonymous address, traffic is directed to a remote server that spoofs the real IP and encrypts information sent by the client to the network. Due to this, no one will be able to see what a particular person is doing on the Internet.
Private Data
Private Data

Hide real IP address

When using strong encryption, any activity on the network is encrypted by two, three or four servers - a so-called VPN chain is created. The principle of the technology is quite simple: 1. The first step is to encrypt traffic on your computer / smartphone. 2. Redirect to a second VPN server for encryption. 3. Go to the next server for decryption. 4. The user is directed to the address of the request and can use it anonymously and completely securely. VPN.SN is a universal VPN service that supports working with computers running Windows, MAC, smartphones and tablets running Android and IOS operating systems. On devices, you can organize an anonymous workplace inside VPN, TOR and i2P, install VPN on anonymous OS - Tails, Whonix, Kodachi and other functions.

Digital data protection is a must

Even if the user has nothing to hide, he realizes that surveillance, an attempt to hack accounts is an unpleasant situation. VPN.SN was created for those who want to get maximum privacy on the network when interacting with a computer, tablet or phone: 1. A VPN is a godsend for those who regularly use public wireless networks. It's no secret that hackers often "get" users' personal data in public places. Having an application with the ability to obtain an anonymous private IP address will ensure 100% security of information. 2. VPN is perfect for those who plan to hide their location. So, people whose freedom may be limited due to careless messages can use VPN to communicate and transfer files. This is especially true for those living in countries with an authoritarian regime. The ability to hide IP and protect confidentiality of messages in such cases is irreplaceable.
Private Data
Anonymous VPN

Anonymity and confidentiality

3. VPN is often used by those looking to access prohibited or blocked content. IP will help you visit social networks, forums, sites of narrow topics. 4. There is an opinion that government agencies monitor users who communicate on social networks and instant messengers on mobile devices. They track correspondence, publications and other data. In order not to run into trouble, it is worth using an encrypted tunnel that will hide the real IP provided by your ISP. At the same time, there is no need to use the Internet only at home or office - you can do this on the road, in a public place, etc. 5. Today casino activities are strictly suppressed - sites are blocked, and gamblers cannot continue playing. However, this problem can be easily corrected by means of an IP-address, with the help of which it will not be difficult to access a particular resource. It's simple, fast and secure. 6. No less in need of such a tool are gamers who prefer online toys. Entertainment products are frequently subjected to DDoS attacks. Fortunately, VPN.SN can remedy the situation - the servers provide a fast and secure connection. In general, using an anonymous private address is a great idea even for those who only use the network at home. The encryption technology will protect Internet traffic and help erase traces of your Internet presence. Thanks to this, the service provider will not be able to use information about users for personal gain.

Our servers are located in 40+ locations

We offer our clients more than 5000 servers located in different parts of the world - to find the best option that can meet their basic needs! To connect to the server, just one click on the mouse button or smartphone screen. Just press the connect button, wait a couple of seconds and enjoy what is happening on the screen.

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